Lore in Dark Souls 3 will be covered on this page. The game revolves around a "Dark Hero" trying to defeat a resurrected Lord of Cinder.


Dark Souls 3 like it's predecessors takes place in the same world and revolves around the first flame, and the cycle of fire and dark. This installment apparently focuses on the Red Knight as a dark hero and protagonist that goes against the Lord of Cinder. The Lord of Cinder could refer to any Lords of cinder in the past, and not specifically Gwyn.
(Further information is speculation based on leaked information and trailers).

It is unclear what age Dark Souls 3 takes place in, either the ending of a new age of fire, or the midst of an age of dark. Similar to Dark Souls 1, it appears that no matter which ending you chose in Dark Souls 2, it would have little affect. Only one definitive ending is choose able in Dark Souls 2, which is to turn your back on renewing the flame in the Scholar of the First Sin DLC. The other ending is unclear on what your character does.

Based on the reveal trailer's opening words, "...And now only embers remain", it makes us think that the fire has almost faded completely and your character is the one chosen to shepard the dark soul that is humanity and break the cycle, or continue the cycle.

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