Unknown Boss (?)

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HP: xxxx (Standard Game)
Souls Awarded: xxxx (Standard Game) xxxx (NG+
Drops XXXX Soul

Unconfirmed as to whether or not this is an actual Boss. This is a gigantic humanoid, one of the largest if not
the** largest enemy in the current Dark Souls. He attacks the player as the player runs across a narrow rooftop. He has a defined jawline and what appears to be hair and tattered clothes (Seen below his right arm). His skin is charred as if burned. The player is in an underground cavern as seen by the roof behind the head of the giant enemy and due to the fact that the player is carrying a Torch. The player may or may not directly engage this boss.


Attack Name
Attack Description
Two hand smash.
The creature puts two fists together and smashes the rooftop the player is on.

Attack Name:

Attack description

Attack Name:

Attack description


Fight Strategy Here

Video Strategy:


  • This may not be an actual Boss.
  • It may be related to the Skeleton Face seen in the game play trailer, as the general size seems the same and they are both in a place that appears underground.

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